Antigravity Walking System

The anti-gravity treadmill, which was developed by using NASA patented ' lifting system via air pressure ' in 2005, is the latest technology that has been reached in physical medicine and rehabilitation.

Anti-gravity treadmill is a very safe system, which shortens the recovery time after waist, hip, knee and ankle traumas and surgeries very much, and provides rapid development of walking in some neurological diseases.

The goal here is to keep the person mobile. Thanks to this system the patient can achieve the targeted goals; whether the mobility target of the patient is to run the marathon or to go from one room to another at home.

The anti-gravity treadmill located in the Istanbul Florence Nightingale Hospital Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Clinic, is the only solution for re-mobilizing of the patients who can not walk due to diseases in the body weight bearing joints, and putting on weight and cannot avoid damaging of his/her joints upon being in a vicious cycle, for patients experiencing condition disorders related complications.

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