The word meaning of Angiography "is a picture of vessels" (vessel monitoring).

Different methods can be used in order to view and examine the veins in our body.

1-Colored Doppler ultrasonography

2- Angiography generated by the method of computed tomography (computed tomographic angiography: BTE)

3- Angiography generated by the magnetic resonance imaging angiography (magnetic resonance imaging angiography: MRA)

4-Conventional / catheter angiography: it is the imaging of the vessel and the flow inside by reaching to the vessel which will be examined via a thin tube called catheter (polyethylene tube in diameter of 1.5-2 mm) and injecting contrast agent inside.

Safest method among the above-mentioned is the catheter angiography. Safety and success of the other three methods depend on how much these results are consistent with the catheter angiography findings. Therefore, the angiography catheter method is the "gold standard" applied for imaging vessels.

 A -catheter angiography showing the brain vessels (lateral projection)
B- catheter angiography showing the brain vessels (AP projection)


 C-CT Angiography (brain vessels)  D- CT Angiography (Neck vessels) 

Types of Aneurysm

Fusiform aneurysm

Saccular aneurysmsHemorrhagic aneurysms

Why Should Aneurysm Be Treated?

While it is known that the aneurysm developed in the brain vessels causes no complaint, it is also known that it may cause problems related to mass effect, most feared situation is cerebral hemorrhage caused due to eruption of the aneurysm. Information about which aneurysm would bleed and which wouldn’t bleed, is not known in advance.

Detected result from long-term follow-up of Cerebral aneurysms is the risk of bleeding increasing at a ratio of 0.2 to 3% each year. Especially in young people, considering the presence of expected long life and the bleeding rate which is added on top each year, the likelihood of bleeding is increased. Therefore, the aneurysm treatment is recommended to those who are proven to have aneurysm. This is the understanding that modern medicine requires.

It should be remembered that “each aneurysm which bled was an aneurysm which has not bled until one minute before bleeding”. However, there may be cases when aneurysm treatment can’t be considered in the presence of potential risk in patient's general condition and / or treatment of aneurysm.

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