Absence of Sperms

In case absence of sperms in semen sample obtained through masturbation, a surgical procedure will be performed to retrieve the sperms from testicles. The methods used to retrieve sperms from testicles include TESA (testicular sperm aspiration), retrieval of sperms through aspiration using a needle; TESE (testicular sperm extraction), a surgical incision of testicles to see if there are any sperms present.
MicroTESE procedure is performed using a particular microscope and allows a biopsy from areas with higher possibility to find sperms. When using this technique, the possibility of retrieval of sperms is higher than normal TESE method. Nevertheless, it is not possible to surgically retrieve sperms in some cases. It is recommended to perform another surgical retrieval of sperms in 6 months for such cases.
Micro TESE procedure is successfully performed at our center.

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