Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation 

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation is a field of medicine that contains all treatments for improving the quality of patient’s life by focusing on structural problems, congenital as well as acquired, and the treatment of diseases in musculoskeletal system.

Diagnosis and treatment of all spine diseases, rehabilitation after all sports injuries and orthopedic surgery, rehabilitation of neurological diseases, diagnosis and treatment of lymphedema, diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis and other metabolic bone diseases and rheumatic diseases are performed in the Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Centers of our hospital.

Our principles that we will never abandon in Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation centers are as follows:

Individualized Treatment

The treatment of all diseases is performed by planning the methods with international scientific evidence in an individual way. Each individual is evaluated in itself and is treated in a physical therapy and rehabilitation program designed for that individual.

Holistic Approach

In Physical therapy and Rehabilitation Centers, the patients are not only evaluated with the diseased region but entire musculoskeletal system and other body systems, so are handled holistically.

Functional Treatment

The basis while creating treatment programs at our centers is based on the detection of musculoskeletal system as a functioning mechanism. In other words, the purpose is to make the patient an active individual without any functional unrestrictions.

Preventive Health

After the treatment of all diseases, an exercise program based on the principles of preventive health is drawn for the patient not to experience the same problem again.

Medical fitness and spinal rehabilitation is performed with primarily therapeutic exercises; all electrotherapy applications, hydrotherapy applications, Kinesio Taping applications and whole body electro-myostimulation (electro-muscle stimulation) (EMS) system, within these principles at our centers.

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