"She Is A Happy Girl Now"

My daughter Emina had kyphoscoliosis 58 degreases scoliosis and 80 degreases kyphosis caused by hemivertebrae. After almost two years researching and bad prognosis I got from to many doctors in too many hospitals . On 12 Oct 2016 we had appointment with Prof. Azmi Hamzaoglu. After he check my daughter he told us he can safely correct her spine 90 percent without risk. It was first time someone give to us so good prognosis. Next day which I will newer forget after 11 hours surgery Prof. Azmi came out with X ray scan. He told to me and to my wife that our daughter spine has been corrected 100%. She didn't have any recovery issue and after everything she is now very happy girl. 

All hospital personnel were so friendly and professional all the time we stay there.

God bless Prof. Azmi Hamzaoglu and his team.

Thank you,
Fadil Hasimbegovic

هل تريد أن تبقى على علم عنا؟
florence nightingale hastanesi

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لا يقصد من المعلومات الموجودة على هذا الموقع أن تحل محل أي نصيحة طبية يقدمها الأطباء الذين لديهم حق الوصول إلى التاريخ الطبي المفصل